1kg Medicine Ball

1kg Medicine Ball
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  • DIFFERENT SIZE - COLOR: According to different strength needs there are different weights for choice: 1KG 2KG 3KG 4KG 5KG 6KG 7KG 8KG 9KG 10KG. Each weight corresponds to one color please choose the weight according to personal strength need.
  • DURABLE - TEXTURED MATERIAL: As used in eco-friendly and good-quality rubber the durability of the medicine ball is fairly high
  • plus the textured surface of the medicine ball provides a comfortable and easy grip which makes an excellent bounce.
  • PLYOMETRIC - CORE TRAINING: Medicine ball exercise can make your strength improved by taking diverse weights of medicine balls. The medicine ball workouts include lunges squats slams single-leg V-ups kneel to push-ups and other strength training
  • thus stretching your muscle and improving your strength. Plyometric and core training can be more effective via using different weights of medicine balls.
  • COORDINATION - BALANCE: By using a medicine ball you can greatly improve your coordination and balance. For example, using a medicine ball to do a burpee can train your body to balance well. When using the medicine ball to do the exercise for example swinging the medicine ball and maintain good posture which can higher the core stability and body coordination and balance.
  • CARDIO EXERCISES: Medicine ball workouts can train up the cardiovascular system. Through using the medicine ball the users can boost their aerobic capacity in the enhancement of strength and endurance. Meanwhile, cardio exercise with a medicine ball can accelerate blood circulation which provides you with more energy and power.